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Live Laugh Lead Consulting, started as a concept in 2018, as a base for motivational speeches to ignite the audience to become reflective humans and spark the flame of self-evaluation, the courage to take a deep dive into the source of their actions and reactions to events that occurred in their lives and to make a conscious effort to connect to others.  In 2020, the company became an official company in the state of Florida, focused on coaching, consulting, education, and training organization.  In 2021, the groundwork was established to make the Live, Laugh, Lead a full-time movement. 


The company’s approach to leadership development is to take a deep dive into the level of an individual's interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as it relates to the social, emotional, and cultural intelligence of the client.  The signature leadership model, titled the L3 Model for transformation makes the connection between finding your purpose in life, finding joy in the journey of life, and how those two things directly correlate to how you lead yourself and others.

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